The real business benefit of VoIP using softphone technology features

One of the areas in which technology has made tremendous advances in recent years is telephone service. Gone are the days when a business owner must pay high rates for a phone system. With a traditional system, which requires you to contract out the service and rent equipment from a provider, you are limited by the physical location of the phone system within your company. This means that if you move to a new office or expand to an additional location, you’ll have to spend even more money to upgrade your phone system. For growing businesses and for business owners who want to save money while maintaining the cutting edge, the VoIP features of softphone technology is the best option available.

  • No equipment needed. Softphone technology allows your computer to function as a telephone, eliminating the need for additional phone equipment throughout your company. There’s no need for expensive cable installation or bulky phone units on every desk.
  • Fewer additional expenses. Since every employee in your company has a computer, using them to multifunction as phones reduces your overhead in more ways than one. You won’t have to pay for actual telephone equipment or an expensive maintenance contract. If you add employees or offices, it won’t be necessary to purchase or lease new phones.
  • Avoid power outage interruptions. You may know all too well the frustration of losing your phone service during a power outage. With a traditional system, callers can’t reach you at all in a power failure, not even to leave a message. Softphone technology is the answer to this problem. Since it works through your internet connection, callers will be able to reach your voicemail, even in the event of a brief outage. If you work in an environment that is protected against power failures by an independent generator, your internet connection can stay up and running even when the lights are out.
  • Secure message storage. Because it works through the internet, softphone technology stores your voice messages in the cloud. This eliminates the need for answering devices and makes remote message retrieval simple. It also makes it easier for multiple users to access voicemail messages simultaneously.
  • Take it on the road. Internet-based softphone technology makes it easy for you and your employees to make and receive calls from mobile devices. Laptops, tablets and softphones can be integrated into the system, so you can take your business phone anywhere you go.
  • Make it interactive. Softphone technology gives you the option of using video calling in additional to regular voice calls. Many business owners like this option for the personal touch it lends to calls with long-standing clients or vendors. It’s also useful for conference calling, making it easier for everyone to know who is speaking on the call.

If you are a business owner who’s frustrated by high phone costs and the relatively limited options offered by traditional telephone service, consider switching to softphone technology. You will be amazed by the freedom it offers you and your employees while it saves you money and takes part of the hassle out of a busy workday.

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