Hold the phone: Five reasons why VoIP is right for your business

Communications can be a big part of a business owner’s budget. With office phones and cell phones, including equipment, maintenance and contracts, the costs can sky rocket in no time at all. And for a company with more than one location, additional phone numbers and operating systems add to the price.  Fortunately, there is a way to streamline your telephone service that will save you money and make things more convenient for you and your callers. Voice-over-IP technology opens up possibilities you may not even be aware of.

With VoIP, your telephone service comes directly through your computer network. All you have to do is plug a phone
into your network to be connected digitally over the internet, which offers a variety of advantages for business owners.

  • Reduce costs. With VoIP, there is no need to pay for expensive phone system equipment or system maintenance. You won’t need a specialist to run cable or an expert to operate the system. Any type of phone you choose, from simple to advanced, will work with this technology.
  • Expand your network. Where a traditional phone system can ring multiple phones at a single office simultaneously, a VoIP system can ring phones at multiple sites. This means that one number can ring phones at all of your offices, as long as they are plugged into your network, allowing your entire company to work as one unit across all locations.
  • Avoid changing phone numbers. As your needs change or your business grows, you may want to move to a new office or expand into different locations. VoIP lets you continue to use the same phone number, saving you the hassle and expense of updating business cards and websites, and insuring that clients and customers won’t lose touch.
  • Keep it local. Regardless of your physical location, VoIP allows you to use local numbers from any calling area. If you are in Mexico City and maintain offices in Texas, for example, you can reserve a local number for your clients across the border.

This will work in any area, and even in multiple sites.

  • Don’t fear power failures. When the power goes out, service to your landline goes with it. When you use VoIP, your phone system isn’t dependent on the power grid. Because it is linked to the internet, any outage will send calls to voicemail, which will be saved in the cloud. You won’t have to worry about missed calls, and missed opportunities, due to power failures.

It’s difficult to find a down side to VoIP.  If you are paying for one or more landlines, plus cell phones, you can reduce the amount you’re spending significantly by choosing VoIP. Eliminating expensive equipment and maintenance puts money back in your hands. Keeping the same phone number when you move prevents confusion and wasted time. Cloud storage means that your calls and voicemails won’t be lost if the power goes out. These advantages make choosing VoIP a win-win for the savvy business owner.

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