Five reasons to choose VoIP phone service for your business

Communication is at the core of every successful business. Your telephone system is at the heart of your company, keeping you in contact with customers, clients and vendors. Since it is such a lifeline in your business, it’s important to choose the phone service that offers the very best features without breaking your budget. For today’s savvy business owner, voice-over-internet technology (VoIP) is by far the best option.

Consider these five outstanding features of VoIP phone service:

1. Internet delivery. VoIP service is delivered through your internet connection, which means that you won’t need to purchase an individual phone system for each of your business locations. Your internet connection can work double time, acting as your phone connection too. Your employees can all access the same system from any location. Not only will this save you money, it will eliminate the worry about system problems and equipment maintenance.

2. Company-wide access. Unlike a traditional phone system, which requires individual lines for each division or department, VoIP service allows all users to share numbers. Actually your phone line or lines will never sound busy or have to go to voicemail because you are on the line. This means that you won’t need separate lines for every department, and as your company grows, new divisions and additional employees can plug right into the existing system by just adding extensions.

3. Hassle-free phone numbers. One of the best features of VoIP service is that location doesn’t matter. Where you used to have to add new phone numbers each time you expanded or hired more employees, with VoIP you can move to any location you choose and keep your phone numbers. You can even select numbers from any area code you choose, so that you can maintain local numbers in any area. This also lets you keep the same area code and exchange in all of your locations, no matter where they are geographically.

4. Secure cloud storage. Since VoIP is delivered through the internet, your voicemails are securely stored in the cloud. This is a huge advantage for a couple of reasons. It allows every employee to access voicemails from any location, improving efficiency in call return time. It also means that in the event of a power failure, you won’t be out of contact. Even if your internet service is interrupted, callers will still reach your voicemail, so you won’t have to worry about frustrated customers and lost business.

5. Economical advantage. Since you won’t have to pay for system upgrades, repairs or someone to operate the phone system, using VoIP is the most economical choice for your business phone service. You won’t be bound by expensive and limiting contracts, or need any special training to manage your system.

When you look at these five features, it becomes clear that VoIP is the outstanding choice for any growing business. It gives you the freedom to tailor your phone service to your needs without having to spend a fortune. VoIP adds to your company’s efficiency by streamlining your phone system and giving you access to cloud-based voicemail.

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