Five key reasons for using cloud-hosted VoIP

The telephone system is a central part of any thriving business. As the first point of contact for many customers and clients, it is as important as your company’s internet connection. Savvy business owners are discovering the vast potential of combining phone and internet into one powerful tool – cloud-hosted voice-over-IP (VoIP) service.

Of the many reasons why VoIP is right for your business, here are five key advantages to consider:

  1. Location is not a factor. Unlike traditional telephone service, cloud-hosted VoIP is not restricted by a physical location. All of your employees can access the same system and services, regardless of where they are located. Since VoIP is based in the cloud, its range is unlimited. Your centralized VoIP system lets users answer the phone wherever they are. This means that one system can be used by staff at multiple locations, without the need to add an expensive upgrade each time your business grows.
  2. No huge investment, no license fees, no updates and, no upgrades. One of the nicest features of cloud-hosted VoIP is the fact that you don’t have to invest on a sophisticated PBX system to have all the features and functionality of an expensive telephone network system. If you have an internet connection just plug your VoIP phone into your internet connection and start making and receiving calls. It really is that easy, you’ve got everything you need. Where a traditional phone system requires installation of miles of cables and renting or purchasing a specific type of phone, cloud-hosted VoIP is simplicity itself.
  3. Stay connected through power interruptions. Since your phone system is vital to your business, the possibility of a power failure means the headache of missed calls, frustrated customers, and lost business. When you use cloud-hosted VoIP service, however, you can stop fearing the power grid. Because it is based in the cloud, your VoIP service will work as long as your internet connection is operational. If there is a service interruption, incoming calls will be sent to voicemail and saved in the cloud.
  4. Keep your phone number. Cloud-hosted VoIP service lets you keep the same phone numbers at all locations. This is a great benefit for a growing business, since it eliminates the need for adding new numbers and updating business cards and stationery. Customers won’t have to keep track of changing numbers; they’ll always know how to find you.
  5. Maintain a local presence. Because it is cloud-hosted, VoIP service gives you the option of choosing phone numbers from any area. If you want to serve a specific city, you can choose an area code and phone number from that location. This is useful for businesses that prefer to offer a local presence, rather than an impersonal toll-free number

These five advantages of cloud-hosted VoIP make it clear that this is the best option for many business owners. Why pay for complicated phone systems that limit your options while bloating your budget? Want to learn more about making the switch to cloud-hosted VoIP? Download our free basic VoIP features It is one of the best decisions you can make for your business.

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