5 Benefits to switch to WebFones virtual PBX phone service

Finding the best telephone system for your business is a crucial decision. Your phone service can be a big-ticket item, costing way more money than it has to while offering limited services that don’t give you very much bang for your buck. It may be time to consider switching to virtual PBX phone service offered by WebFones, which can save you money while giving you access to features that will enhance your company’s productivity as well as its bottom line.

Here are five real ways that virtual PBX service from WebFones can help your business:

1. Simple management tools. Your virtual PBX service from WebFones will include easy-to-use management tools that make it possible to configure your phone system to meet your company’s specific needs. Trained staff is always available to help if you need a hand setting things up.

2. Cloud storage. A WebFones virtual PBX system is hosted completely in the cloud. This feature makes it possible to use the system in multiple locations without having to purchase additional equipment. No cables or special telephones are required. What’s more, cloud storage keeps your phone system safe during power outages because it works through your internet connection. If there are any interruptions, your calls will go to voicemail, which is safely stored in the cloud for your retrieval at any time.

3. No special equipment needed. You won’t have to buy any special equipment to use a WebFones virtual PBX system. You already have internet service; let it double as the gateway to great phone service. Any phones will work with your new system, saving you the time and expense of having to replace your existing phone equipment. The internet-based system also means you won’t need any special cable installation or maintenance.

4. No contract required. Unlike many other providers, WebFones won’t require a contract. You’ll be free to upgrade your system at any time, or even to cancel if that’s what you decide. But with the dedicated service you’ll receive, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to give up the advantages of using WebFones.

5. Lots of cool features. A virtual PBX system from WebFones comes with some great features that will enhance your company’s efficiency. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights:

  • Hold. Just like a traditional phone system, with the added ability to put a call on hold at one location, see whether a specific person or group of people is available, and transfer the call to them.
  • Call Parking. Similar to hold, except that a call can be picked up anywhere by anyone using the system. Employees won’t have to get to any specific location if they’re paged to pick up a call.
  • Do Not Disturb. Send calls directly to your voicemail when you don’t want to be interrupted.
  • Call Transfer. Easily transfer a call from any location, without needing a central switchboard to perform the transfer.
  • Call Queue. Let callers know exactly how long they’ll have to wait for their call to be answered. You can even give them the option of holding or receiving a call back when their call has reached the front of the queue.

Switching to a WebFones virtual PBX system will add value to your phone budget by saving money and offering you features that will enhance your telephone experience exponentially. It’s time to leave traditional phone service behind and make the move to virtual PBX.

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