4 Real reasons to choose VoIP service for your growing business

As your business grows, so does your telephone system. When you hire new employees or expand to a new location, you need to add phones to your existing system. While this means that business is good, it also means that you’ll be spending more money on installation, equipment and contracts. Before you know it, phone service is taking a huge bite out of your budget. By choosing voice-over-IP technology (VoIP), you can save money and enjoy advantages not offered by traditional phone service.

1.Save money on equipment. One of the best features of VoIP technology is that it delivers telephone service through your internet connection. This eliminates the need for expensive installation costs and pricey telephones. You can use any phone you want; just plug it into your network and you’ll be instantly connected. Whatever you prefer simple phones or advanced equipment, you can choose whatever works best for your budget.

2.Choose your phone number and location. Since it works through the internet, VoIP makes it possible for you to choose a phone number from any location. If you open a new office in a different city, you can keep the same area code and phone number. You won’t have to worry about changing business cards and stationery, or customers not knowing how to reach you. This is also a great advantage for international business owners, letting you maintain a local presence in any location.

3.One number does it all. As an internet-based service, VoIP service can let one number ring phones in all of your locations, rather than requiring a separate number at each site. All of your employees will be able to answer any call wherever they are, making it easier to transfer calls to other users. This can help streamline your system by avoiding the need for a variety of different numbers within the same company.

4.Keep your service during power failures. Unlike traditional phone service, your VoIP service won’t go down in a power failure. Because it is delivered through the internet, the service will continue to work as long as your network is up and running. If there is a service interruption, calls will go to voicemail, and your customers will never know there’s a problem. Voicemails will be saved in the cloud, so you can retrieve them at any time.

These four features make it clear that VoIP is a great choice for a growing business. It will let you reduce expenses by eliminating the need for installation and equipment, maintenance and contracts. Choosing your area code and local number helps you keep a local presence for your customers in different areas and avoid having to get a new number if you move or expand. Voicemails stored in the cloud let your customers stay connected even when the power goes out. With these advantages, it’s hard to find a reason not to choose VoIP. Make the switch today; it’s a decision you won’t regret.

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